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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gays Protest Against Censorship by Jamaica’s Television Stations in New York, USA.

A group of LGBT Jamaicans and Allies protested against Jamaica’s major television stations CVM, PBCJ and TVJ’s refusal to air a paid public service announcement advocating dignity and respect for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people living in Jamaica in front of the Consulate General of Jamaica office in Manhattan New York.

Maurice Tomlinson, a gay Jamaican who appears in the latest ad, is taking the stations to court this week (May 27-31, 2013) for breaching his constitutional rights. Today was the third day of court hearing on the law suit in Jamaica's Supreme Court.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Jamaica’s Constitution guarantees the unique right to “seek, receive, distribute, or disseminate information, opinions and ideas through any medium and requires everyone, including corporations, to respect this right

The 30-second video called on Jamaicans to respect human rights of gays and was recorded in light of a series of savage attacks against gay Jamaicans last year. The stations’ refusal to air the “Love and Respect” ad is totally arbitrary and reflects the growing dominant role in which the Jamaican media re-enforces intolerance and homophobia.

Visibility is liberty. Freedom of Expression is the right of every Jamaican. We will not be censored or silenced. It is time for CVM TV and TVJ to respect, protect and preserve the human rights of LGBT Jamaicans and END discrimination. We the people will continue to stand and speak out against homophobia until the inalienable rights of LGBT Jamaicans are protected.

A proud lesbian Jamaican standing up for freedom

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Miss Gay Jamaica 'Chanel' posed for the camera